Friday, June 18, 2021

Top 4 Tips to Generate Service Leads for Your Tree Care Business

Tree Care Business

Growing a tree care business isn’t easy. Several companies rely on the same marketing tactics and the competition is pretty tough. So, making a name for yourself means doing the right things.

However, it shouldn’t necessarily have to be that tough as well to generate leads for tree service. With a few tactics, you should easily be able to start generating new business for your tree care service company, without emptying your bank account. So, that’s what we are going to discuss here, i.e. how to generate leads and grow your tree care company.

1. Use Facebook

Many marketing firms that specialize in tree care companies will tell you to avoid Facebook, stating that it doesn’t have a great value proposition and that it has a poor return on investment. However, Facebook is the easiest way to stay in touch with satisfied customers. It’s the easiest way for satisfied customers to get running voice and build your brand.

Posting fun and informative content won’t generate many calls right away, but it will help expand your network, showcase your best reviews, and help get your biggest fans heard by more people.

2. Optimize Your Google My Business Profile

A Google My Business listing is free and only takes a couple of minutes. Once you have one, your business will be eligible to appear on local listings when someone searches for local tree care services.

Here’s how to optimize your Google My Business page:

  • Use the real name of your business. Do not try to add additional keywords at the end. False names are easy to spot, and companies that try to use them will be harder to find in the long run.
  • Use your company’s real phone number. Do not try to use a tracking phone number because Google will check it against any other data they can find, which is a lot. With Google, inconsistent data usually means less visibility for your business.
  • Use your actual business address.
  • Include all categories that make sense for your business. If you also offer landscaping and lawn care, be sure to include those.
  • Add some photos of your work, equipment and employees. Businesses with a lot of photos tend to be shown more frequently in Google searches. Renaming image files before uploading to include specific cities, neighborhoods, or services can also give you an advantage. Include your entire service area, not just your ideal service area.
  • Finally, make sure that all other online profiles you create for your business shares the same name, address and phone number.

3. User-Friendly Navigation for Your Website

Don’t complicate things for your customers. Keep your website a clean and customer-engaging. This is important for two reasons. It highlights and clearly describes the services you provide in the geographic area you provide to them so that search engines can effectively deliver your information to the very people who are looking for the services you’re offering. This also establishes a good first impression that makes them want to call you, compared to your competition.

4. Include Reviews and Examples of Your Work

Trust is a major factor in generating leads for tree service, so be sure to highlight reviews to show your skills and work ethic, as well as your clients’ level of satisfaction with your work. Include the before and after photos of your work to show your potential clients what to expect when they decide to work with you.

These are the key ways to generate leads for your tree care business. These tips should work well if implemented correctly.

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