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Get The Laser Acne Treatment From Clini-Derma

Laser Acne Treatment

Laser Acne does not always leave scars, but it can sometimes cause permanent marks on your skin. Sometimes there is a slight discoloration, which fades as the skin heals. However, you may also leave more severe scars, which can change the texture of your skin.

There are three typefaces:

• Boxcar scars: round pits or pits on the skin

• Ice ax scars: deeper holes in the skin that look like thorns

• Rolling scars: thickened scar tissue bands that look like ripples under the skin

Laser Acne cars are permanent, although some scars may become less noticeable over time. Scars are not harmful, so there is no medical need to treat them, but this does not mean you have to endure them. Scars can have a major impact on your confidence, self-esteem, and mood. They may also make you unpleasantly think of acne. If you are not bothered by acne scars, then there is no need to seek treatment for them. However, if you feel conscious, depressed, or dissatisfied with your appearance, then the dermatologist should find out if the treatment is helpful.

Main Focus Area

Laser acne therapy uses a focused beam of light to treat damaged areas on the body. It can remove tumors and other growths, improve vision, prevent hair loss, and treat pain. Laser therapy can also improve the appearance of scars.

Laser scar treatment is an outpatient operation. Your doctor will repeatedly move the laser wand on the skin to remove damaged skin cells and reduce scars. These include:


• Burn marks

• Acne scars

• Dark spots, age spots, and other types of pigmentation

If you take drugs that thin the blood, there is a risk of bleeding, and your doctor may discourage the use of laser treatment.

They may also discourage laser treatment if you have:


• Skin sores

•Dark skin

What to do

Once a decision is made for laser treatment of the scar, the doctor will provide information about preparing for the operation. Before treatment, you may need to make the following adjustments:

• Stop smoking two weeks before the treatment.

• Do not take aspirin, supplements, or medications that slow the healing process.

• Two to four weeks before surgery, do not use skincare products containing retinol or glycolic acid.

• Wear sunscreen. Before you have surgery, avoid prolonged exposure to the sun.

• If you want to perform laser treatment on your face and have a tendency for labial cold sores, your doctor will need to give you antibiotics to prevent an outbreak after treatment.

So be prepared when you are ready for the Laser Acne treatment. There are many clinics are available that are offering this type of treatment. So, you can contact them and take advice about the treatment.

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