Thursday, September 16, 2021

How Are Personal Injury Claims Valued?

Personal Injury Claims

Whenever you pursue a personal injury claim, the most important thing you’d want to know is the amount of compensation you will receive at the end of the claim process. However, calculating the exact amount of compensation isn’t a very straightforward matter because the extent and severity of injuries vary in every case.

There are several factors that have to be taken into account when the compensation for a claim is calculated, making it a complex matter. Also, the matter becomes more complicated because all personal injury claims do not come under the same umbrella of litigation.

How To Calculate Personal Injury Claims?

 The amount of compensation is generally directly proportional to the severity of the injury that the victim has gone through. This essentially means that the more serious your injury is, the higher the amount of your compensation will be. To put this into perspective, you cannot expect the same amount of compensation for a bruise or minor laceration as what you’d get for a severe head injury.

The personal injury lawyer you hire will calculate the amount depending on two major factors – first is the severity of your injury, and second is the mental and emotional trauma caused after the injury. If you’re finding it difficult to find a professional and highly qualified personal injury solicitor to take your case forward, get in touch with Hamilton Douglas Legal right away.

Here we have discussed some types of personal injury compensation that will help you in understanding how solicitor firms roughly calculate the amount of your personal injury claim.

General Damages

These are the damages that speak about the pain and suffering of the victim. In the UK, general damages are called “Solatium”. The legal system has made a price list, which acts as a reference in calculating compensation for all kinds of injuries and illnesses. Usually, you will see bands that will tell you an estimated figure that you might get. Following are some examples of the approximate amounts usually asked for while estimating certain kinds of personal injury claims.

  • Compensation For head injuries

If a person suffers from a minor head injury, which does not include damage to the brain, they might be able to receive compensation in the range of £3000 to £6000. If the injury is deemed as major damage to the head and brain, this compensation can go up to £20,000.

  • Compensation For Psychological Injury

This depends on the extent of harm. If the mental harm is labelled as temporary and the doctors say that everything will be back to normal very soon, the claim will be around £4,000 to £10,000. However, if the psychological injury is very severe and permanent, the compensation can approach up to £50,000.

  • Compensation For Back Injury

Spine damage is a high probability in back injuries which is a very severe case. These injuries can result in mobility restrictions and even paralysis. Compensation for these injuries can range between ££6,000 to 20,000 depending on the severity.

  • Compensation For Upper Body Injuries

If the injury to the upper body is considered minor, which includes the neck or shoulders, can warrant compensation in the range of £4,000 to £6,000. If the injury is serious, a successful claim for compensation can get you £10,000.

  • Compensation For Injuries To The Lower Body

The lower body includes knees, legs, hips, or injury to the ankles. Similar to other cases, the severity of the injury helps in ascertaining the amount of compensation that is claimed by the victim. Recovery claims for minor injuries might have a chance to get compensation in between £3000-£10,000. Conversely, if the case is serious, leading to disabilities, the amount can go up to £25,000.

All the above-mentioned cases fall under the umbrella of General damages. There are other types of damages as well like expenses out of pocket, services compensation, loss of society, and loss of support. Whatever be your case, if you’re about to dive into legal issues, make sure you hire a professional and experienced solicitor to ensure that you win your deserved compensation without any issues.

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