Thursday, September 16, 2021

How Are Teenagers Attracted To Vaping?


Teenagers are probably the most energetic among all age groups. As they age, they come across a variety of experiences that would result in their teenage years become profoundly ecstatic. It is quite common among teenagers in this century to try out new activities which would stimulate brain activities and reaching a certain level of unconsciousness. To satisfy their desire, teenagers try out different things such as alcohol-based drinks or tobacco products. This trend among teenagers to try out unsanitary products to fulfil their desires being right or wrong is a completely different debate, but there is an upside to it. 

As kids tend to not listen to adults, advising them against doing something is entirely futile as they would want to do it even more. As more and more teenagers in Pakistan are smoking cigarettes just for the sake of it, they can switch to vaping as vapes offer an even better classic satisfying experience of nicotine. Vaping helps young people to avoid nicotine addiction by switching to vaping at an early age. Observation states that teenagers have a tendency to indulge themselves with futile addictions, in which case opting for vapes would help them achieve resilience in a short period of time.

Benefits of vapes aside, the vaping culture in Pakistan has gained immense popularity in recent years. Especially among youth, as they are more inclined towards vaping due to its appealing design and applauding features. Captivated by the latest technology, teenagers are eager to try out devices that offer them intense and everlasting experiences. Amidst all other latest technological advancements, vapes or electronic cigarettes are what caught the youth’s attention the most. This is one of the major reasons for the immense growth of the vaping culture in Pakistan. 

However, there are a few reasons which would explain the inclination towards vaping from the youth’s part. With that being said, let’s jump right into them. 

Influenced by a senior or a family member.

Kids often look up to their parents and adopt all sorts of habits from them. Considering this, growing up among family members who consume nicotine products would obviously have an effect on the young ones. This eventually causes kids to give birth to curiosity to try out such products too. And as they say, “A one time experience results in multiple tryouts”. 

Following their peers.

This one is quite common. All teenagers have the same fantasies as they are transferred from one to another. In essence, vaping habits can also be transferred.

Variety of flavours.

As teenagers have a relatively low maturity level, they get attracted to vaping just because of the availability of different flavours. Flavours such as dessert, fruity and cocktail make it easier to apprehend youth’s curiosity.


This is one of the major reasons. Vaping products are comparatively self-assistive and easy to use. All vapes need is a battery, a good e-liquid and a pull to draw out the vapours. 

Comparatively less harmful than smoking.

Since vaping is an underlying example of nicotine consumption, it helps teenagers to stay away from addictions whilst fulfilling the satisfaction they need. 

Youth is more prone to vaping because of its affordability and its versatile design.

All vape products are now at everyone’s disposal. Due to its wide availability, teenagers can easily get their hands on one as they know very well that vaping is significantly less harmful than smoking. In any case, it is a proven fact that vaping is a much healthier alternative to smoking so if you’re considering switching to vaping, check out Chase My Cloud. Our professionals will help you make an informed decision and provide a variety of different products. To sum things up, stay safe, stay away from drugs and switch to vaping now.

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