Wednesday, October 27, 2021

How to Repair The Screen of Your Mobile Phone

Repair The Screen

As tough as it seems, repairing the mobile phone screen is not as difficult as people think it can be. Most people break their mobile screens by dropping them. Breaking up the screen can eliminate the purpose of using the mobile phone. It becomes useless and worthless. If you really want to bring back the usage and the worth of your mobile phone, you can repair it by yourself by using the correct way and tools for fixing your mobile screen.

Consider the Cost of Fixing:

If your mobile screen is damaged and you want to fix it there are many services available locally and online that can fix your screen but they are definitely going to charge the cost of replacing and installing it on your phone. So if you are looking for an inexpensive way of replacing your mobile screen you can easily do it by yourself if you know a complete way and the tools to fix the screen at home.

How to find a Replacement Phone Screen

If you are not sure where you can find the replacement screen and the tools, it’s not a hard job to do. You can easily find it online or from any local mobile service store. Remember that every screen is sold according to the mobile phone brand and model. So when you have to buy the mobile screen make sure that it finds the perfect fit.

List of the Tools you Need for Fixing

Usually, when you buy the screen it comes with the following tools;

  • Mini screwdrivers
  • Mini Torx drivers
  • Plastic tweezers
  • Plastic wedges
  • Guitar pick

In addition, you also need a hairdryer, precision knife, or craft scalpel and curved tweezers.

These tools are actually used to remove the screen and unscrew the part which can prevent you from replacing the screen.

Steps of Replacing the Mobile Phone Screen

Step 1 opening the phone

Remove the cover of the phone and the battery and look into it to find out where the Torx screw are hidden. Look under the labels and around the USB ports. It is possible that you might the screws around the battery cavity if your device has a removable cell. Remove all the screws and watch out the ribbons and wires of the phones. Ribbons and the wires are delicate you have to care extra for them so that nothing is damaged or else if any damage occurs it is going to cause great trouble for you.

Step 2 Remove The Screen

After completing the first step, by this time you are having the mobile screen in your hand which is ready to be removed. Take the hairdryer to soften the adhesive around the screen for making the process of removing it easy. Usually, it’s not hard to remove the screen, if you push through the camera hole against the glass, you can easily prize the glass screen away from the mobile body.

For this situation, you will not have to eliminate the screen, however, you should eliminate segments (and even the motherboard) from the damaged device into the new body.

Step 3 replace the adhesive

The narrow moves of the replacement adhesive can be purchased on the web. Have some twofold-sided tacky tape laid around? Cut this into limited 1 mm bits, at that point apply the adhesive to the mobile phone’s edge, as opposed to the glass.

Step 4 Install the new screen

When the adhesive is set up to remove the protecting strips on the adhesive and place the glass into place. Apply a light pressing factor where the screen meets the adhesive. Take care not to squeeze the center of the glass show. Unnecessary power can also break the strongest Gorilla glass.

Step 5 ensure the right cable connections

It’s time to put everything back together.  Reconnect the relevant cables, securing them where necessary. Spot the segments back for the situation with care, watching that there are no cables or screws left finished. Test the mobile phone to see if it’s working okay.

It seems that it’s easy to replace the mobile on your own but it is more complicated than you think. It needs great proficiency and care because of the detailed dedication of the mobile phone. It’s better to go to a professional to fix your phone for protecting it from any other damages. You can contact our service, which repairs mobile phones in Regina with the help of professionals.

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