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Is A Desert Safari Trip in Summers Worth It?


Summers can be boring if you don’t know what to do during them. Fortunately, we at Desert Evening Safari know how to make your summers amazing. One of the best activities that you should look forward to is a Desert Safari trip.

 These trips let you head into the sandy desert and experience its might like never before. Nothing quite compares to a quad bike trip through the sandy dunes if you are with the right people. There are plenty of services that provide Dubai evening safari trips, but it is important to travel with companies that value your trips like their own. We suggest reaching out to Desert Evening Safari

Should You Go For A Desert Safari Trip In Summers?

A common opinion that you might come across is going on such a trip in the summers is stupid. Well, that is not true. We agree that the desert has scorching heat during the summers and it is not for the ones with a faint heart.

However, there are other ways that you can still visit the Arabian Desert during the summers. One of the easiest ways to do so is to go on evening Desert Safari Trips. These trips are the most popular during the summertime because they help beat the heat without sabotaging your trip through the desert. Let us go through some of its most prominent features.

Features of An Evening Safari Trip

Professional Companies like Desert Evening Safari provide their customers with the following perks on their Evening Safaris

Pick Up Service

The first feature of a professional evening desert safari trip is the complimentary pickup. Tour companies pick their clients from their designated spots and take them to the heart of the desert to help them start with their desert trip.

Dune Bashing

One of the first activities that you might come across in your evening safari trip is dune bashing. You get to rage through the sandy desert in the dune bashing in a 4×4 vehicle like a land cruiser.

Camel Rides and Sandboarding

What good is a desert trip if you don’t get a camel ride? A good desert safari service provides free camel rides and sandboarding activities for all their customers. It is a great way to tap into the Arab culture as you race through the desert on your camel. Sandboarding will make you swift through the sand while locked onto a high speeding vehicle.

Henna Painting

Professional services like Desert Evening Safari provide free henna painting for children and women. You can get unique designs with henna for a memorable experience

Arabic Coffee

If you are someone who is into authentic exotic beverages then Arabic coffee (Gehwa) is just what you need. The Arabic coffee is freshly brewed and mixed with the freshest ingredients. You also get unlimited access to water, soft drinks and mineral water.

Camp Setting

Going on an evening safari is a great way to feel the authentic Arab life because services like Desert Evening Safari set up tents and camps for you to ensure that you have a comfortable stay. You can also see the sunset on the horizon while comfortably sitting in your camp.

BBQ and Dinner

What’s a trip without good food? You get to have unlimited BBQ and food when you sign up for an evening safari with a reputable company like Desert Evening Safari.


So as you can see, safari trips are equally as fun in the summers if you connect with the right company. We suggest reaching out to Desert Evening Safari if you want an evening safari Dubai trip. Make sure to let us know how it goes for you.

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