Making a Work Accident Claim


A work accident can be any injury to an employee as a result of being employed at work. It also covers any injury to an employee which has occurred as the result of his or her employment. This also includes negligence on the part of your employer. 

Any injury or accident which has caused personal injury or any other form of harm to an employee can be filed for personal injury claims. In order to make a successful work accident claim in Glasgow you must be able to prove that the accident was indeed work related. It must also show that the injury was caused at a time when the employee was actually at work. There must be clear and reasonable evidence that the accident was directly due to negligence on your employer’s part.

Establishing A Work Accident Claim

To establish a work accident injury claim you will need to provide documentation such as accident reports, medical reports and any photos that may be relevant. You should also bear in mind that if there is any doubt about the nature of your injury you should seek medical advice before making any claims. If your injuries are serious and cause permanent disability you may be eligible to claim for compensation. The act states that you may be entitled to claim payment for your medical expenses and lost earnings following a road traffic accident at work.

It is always important to report an accident as soon as possible as this can help to speed up any investigation and claim processing. If your accident has been claimed against your employer, do not attempt to make another claim against the same employer as this may be seen as fraudulent. If you proceed with this you may find that your rights have been breached and your compensation case has been delayed or dismissed. It is always best to consult with an experienced personal injury solicitor who can advise on the best way to claim.

Claims against businesses are often complicated and it is important that any claim is settled between you and your employer. Your solicitor may suggest that you set up a meeting with your employer to discuss your claim. The first meeting should involve an assessment of your claim and any evidence supporting it. In some cases you may need to provide your own pictures and perhaps even video footage of the accident. This may take a little time to produce and is usually best carried out prior to your next meeting. Your employer will want to know exactly what happened so that they can give their own statement.

A work accident may also cover other injuries such as whiplash caused by being pushed too quickly whilst operating machinery at work. Other injuries may relate to the condition of your health or the condition of your equipment at work. This could include ear infections and cuts or sprained muscles. Painkillers or anti-inflammatory medication may be provided to reduce swelling and inflammation. You will be eligible to claim up to a maximum of two years’ sick pay, or in the worst case scenario lifetime medical care.

You must ensure that you file your accident claim within three months of the date of the accident. You must also ensure that you get a copy of all medical reports, witness statements and photos of the accident. Failure to follow these steps will mean your claim will not be valid. You need to tread very carefully when filing a personal injury claim even with a lawyer, since any mishandled or overlooked aspect could result in you losing the claim.

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