Modern Way of Being The Coolest Thing Out There: Vapes!

Coolest Thing Out

Every era is associated with a particular classy trademark that would differentiate the cool ones from not-so-cool ones. The 18th Century had the cigars, the 19th century had the top hats and the 20th century had satin, glitter, and bright colors. We all live to make a statement nowadays. To be considered the cool one is on the top of our checklist. Let’s take a wild guess. What would you consider the coolest thing out there? Would it be a fancy smartphone? Everyone has that. Would it be a lavish piece of accessory? That’s so 2002. Would it be a dope car? But that’s too expensive! Here’s an idea. What about the chic, classy-looking vapes? Here’s everything you need to know about the modern way of being the coolest thing out there! 

1- Evolution Of Vapes

Like everything else, vapes have gone through an evolution. From the very first generation of e-cigarettes where they looked more or less like a regular cigarette in 2003. Then came vape pens in the mid-2000s. In the early 2010’s we witnessed a whole new type of mods which later evolved into pod mods. Today, there is a large variety of e-cigarettes available in a lot of exciting flavors.

2- Better Than Cigarettes

Undeniably, everyone gets the urge to smoke every once in a while. We are all well aware of the “Smoking Kills” disclaimer. Quite surely, vaping is a much better option than smoking. E-cigarette aerosol does not include all the contaminants that are present in tobacco smoke. It doesn’t contain the substantial toxins present in tobacco smoke, hence, making it the healthier version of smoking. Not only is the amount of nicotine much lesser in vapes but it uses propylene glycol or vegetable glycerin-based liquid incorporated in tiny amounts of nicotine and food-grade flavors. It gets vaporized in a small battery-powered atomizer and the vapor produced is inhaled and exhaled much like a cigarette, hence the term “vaping”. The best thing about vapes is that you don’t have to worry about the not-so-wholesome smell which is associated with cigarette smoke. We all know how offensive and embarrassing it can get in a room full of elders.

3- No More Monotony

Vapes come in a lot of different flavors making each one of your vaping experiences remarkably different. Another thing associated with cigarettes is the same monotonous experience over and over again. Everyone likes change, right? You can get yourself a different type of flavor, depending on your mood. There is a wide variety of vape flavors ranging from soft fruity flavors to hardcore ones. Unlike the regular cigarette, you get the chance to experience something new every time. Are you grumpy and out of your jam? Have some Grumpy Old Bastard. Would you like something fruity? Get your hands on Grape Nom Enon. And the list goes on. 

4- An Ecstatic Ride

Cigarettes are traditional and conventional, yes we get it. But have you ever thought about the ecstatic experience that vaping has to offer? Take a drag and be transported in a whole new world of fantasy where none of your worries matter. Can you ever imagine having even a remotely similar experience with your regular cigarettes? We think not! With just one inhale, you will feel all the soft juices sucking into your tongue, leaving you all refreshed and relaxed. It won’t be an overstatement to say that one inhale of your vape has the power to send you on a blissful ride.

5- Vaping In Pakistan

You would be surprised to know about the prevailing vape culture in Pakistan. Vaping in Pakistan is getting more common with each passing day. It is not even as expensive as you think it might be. You can get a good quality vape at a price as low as Rs 2000 which can last for a while. The bodies are made of plastic that ensures the long life of your vape and can go on for ages. Quite economical as compared to your regular cigarette, right?

With that being said, vaping is not just the cool deal but can also help you get rid of your smoking habit, which is surely injurious to your health in more ways you can imagine. It must be hard for you to switch, but take our advice and have a go at it. Everything is worth a shot!

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