What Are The Things You Need To Consider Before Getting Braces?


Maintaining a good oral hygiene is the best way to avoid dental problems in the future. Hence, it might be difficult to maintain oral hygiene with misaligned teeth, as cleaning them can be difficult at times. Braces are an adequate way to help you straighten your teeth.. Therefore your teeth are less prone to problems such as toothaches, decay or cavity later in life. Thus the best treatment for straightening your teeth is getting a brace.

Most people have common questions and concerns about braces. Here we have answered a few common questions regarding braces. Here are some things that you need to consider before getting braces with alignerco.

  1. Would it hurt to get braces? 

When it comes to the question, will it hurt? The shortest answer is yes, but before you start panicking, note that the pain will not be much excruciating. The pain you feel when you get braces is far less than enduring toothaches and undergoing dental surgeries.

Most pain occurs typically when the braces are tightened, and you may feel pressure. You don’t have to worry about the pain too much as it can be easily managed by using an ice pack against your jaw and pain medications.

You might also feel some pain when the braces scrape your mouth or tongue. Braces have a wire that can scrape the inside of the mouth or your tongue. Thus to reduce scraping, you can apply brace wax, as it will prevent scraping your mouth.

Applying brace wax can be irritating at times. So, another option for you can be oral numbing gel. Make sure to use the oral numbing gel used for teething babies as it is best for sensitive areas.

  1.  What you should and shouldn’t eat?

When you get braces, you might have a strange and uncomfortable feeling in your mouth. Your eating would be restricted because of an achy jaw. Thus you need to eat soft foods that are easy to chew, as your jaw is not yet capable of chewing hard foods.

Soft foods such as peanut butter and jelly sandwiches, pasta or yoghurt would be best for you initially. You can start adding other foods back into your diet once your discomfort begins to subside.

While wearing metal or ceramic braces, there are only a few foods that you should avoid, such as.

  • Foods that require biting, such as apple or corn.
  • Sticky foods like toffee and gum.
  • Foods that require over chewing such as beef jerky or gummy candy
  • Foods that are crunchy and hart to chew like hard candy or nuts.

The purpose of avoiding such foods is to prevent any pain or infection. As with braces, your teeth may catch chunks of food that can be a reason for considerable pain and might lead to an infection.

  1. How long would you be wearing braces?

Your dentist will give you an estimated time of how long you need to wear your braces at the time you get braces. The time you have to wear braces depends on the condition of your teeth. The more misaligned your teeth are, you are more likely to wear braces for a longer time.

It would be best if you kept in mind that the time your dentist will tell you will be an estimate, as it might take less or more time depending on the status of your teeth. Most teens and children wear braces for an average of two years.

Nevertheless, if your teeth have a minor misalignment, a six month to one year time might be enough. Hence for severe cases when you have misaligned your teeth out of position, it might take even three years of wearing a brace.

Final Thoughts:

When wearing braces, it can be challenging to take care of them. You can keep your teeth healthy by avoiding crunchy foods that might result in snapping the brace’s wire. Once braces are removed, you will feel a renewed experience, as it makes cleaning teeth easier and is a way to prevent any problems that might occur in the future.

However, it is crucial to take extra care of your teeth while using braces, and it is your responsibility to pay attention to what’s going on in your mouth. Make sure to stay in contact with emergency dental care.

Finding Emergency Dentist in Bolton can be a difficult task. Therefore Emerdency is the best option for you. As here, we try our best to treat your pain as soon as possible.

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