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If you’re from the team Android, you know Samsung Galaxy phones have some exclusive features that the other Android devices don’t have. But the users who only have iPhones don’t know that there are some things that Samsung Galaxys can do. Below are the features of the Samsung Galaxy you never noticed about benefits of buying a second-hand phone?.

Hiding apps and files:

Samsung Galaxy can let you hide your files and apps using the Secure Folder app. This app basically lets you have a secure safe on your phone. You can hide particular files or apps in the Secure Folder that only you can access by entering a password or using your fingerprint.

For this app, go to Settings > Biometrics and Security > Secure Folder.

Wireless power share:

Galaxy phones actually have a wireless charging coil that will allow them to charge other Galaxy devices and accessories around them. This is an excellent feature for those friends where one person has a charged phone, and the other one is always under 10% battery.

Creating GIFs from YouTube videos:

You can create any type of GIF from the YouTube video you want. For this feature, you need a Galaxy series phone released in 2017 or later and the app Smart Select.

To create a GIF, you need to open up a video in the YouTube app, open the Smart Select app, and swipe in from the right to display the Air Command Menu. Tap on the GIF animation button, crop the frame to capture the picture you want, start playing the clip and tap the record button. Hit the stop to download the GIF into your gallery.

Securing your storage:

You can encrypt your SD card storage from your own device. This will help you add extra security to your phone by protecting against hackers.

For this feature, Go to Settings > Biometrics and security > Encrypt SD card and tap on “Encrypt SD card” again.  

Making a note on a locked screen:

If you note down things frequently on your Samsung Galaxy Note, you can write down and save notes on your phone without unlocking it. Just use the stylus to tap the screen while holding on to the top button and then start penning away.

Swiping palm screenshot:

This is one of the unique features of the S10 and S20 Galaxy series. First, you have to go to the motion menu setting and enable ‘Palm Swipe.’ Then, whenever you are taking a screenshot, simply swipe your palm over the screen.

Multi-task feature:

This feature is one of the highlighted features of the Samsung Galaxy. You can use your two apps at the same time. To use this feature on your phone, tap the Recents button and hold it on the navigation bar, scroll down to the app you want to see on half screen, tap on the round app icon above the window, then pick ‘Open in split-screen view.

Messages and Websites into Reminders:

You can use your messages and websites as your reminders in Samsung Galaxy. If you want to set a reminder about a particular website, tap on the three dots on the top right corner of the browser’s window, click on Share, and then tap on Reminder. If you’re on the messaging app, press on the conversation you want to save, tap Message options, and then send it to Reminder.

Artificial Intelligence app prediction:

The AI app prediction uses artificial intelligence to perceive your usage patterns on your Samsung Galaxy device. It gives you better performance and saves up a bit of time.

Easy SOS messaging:

This feature is trouble-free to set up and it can end up saving your life. To enable this feature, just tap the power button three times, and a text will be directed to four different emergency contacts. You can also add an image or 5-second voice recording with the picture in the emergency message.

CONCLUSION: All the Android phones come with almost the same features, but Samsung Galaxy phones have some unique features that many other phones don’t have. The Galaxy series has a different persona and stands out in the Android team. If you own a Samsung Galaxy and it has a damaged screen. You can get your Samsung repair from UBreakIFix. Feel free to contact us. Many people get their screen replacements from UBreakIFix.

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