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VGOD is a big name in the vaping community, but only the vaping veterans are aware of its back history. Today, we will shed light on the progress and development of VGOD and also highlight its leading five e-liquids that every vaper must try. Finding original VGOD e-liquids can be rather tricky. E-Lite Cig’s presents you with a series of original vapes, including VGOD and many more. Put your money in safe sources when it’s about your vape shopping to ensure optimum quality products.

Development Of VGOD

The five developers of VGOD decided to introduce the product to the masses to express their immense love for vaping. They used the social media platform “Vine” to display their vape tricks. In 2013, it became the VGOD Vine Group. With time, VGOD became a giant of the vaping culture that not only offers juices but also hardware for the tricksters.

The VGOD team traveled far and wide to demonstrate their vaping tricks. They are a mega hype on social media with millions of followers.

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Top 5 VGOD E-Liquids For You

If you are passionate about trying out different flavors, then these 5 VGOD e-liquids definitely need to be on your list.

  1. Cubano Silver E-Liquid

In the earlier times, Cuban cigars were for the cool ones. You can simply call this a reinvention of hand-rolled Cuban Cigars. VGOD took inspiration from the Cuban cigars and transformed them into a modern-day product for the newer generations. The taste of Cubano Silver blends a sleek Cuban cigar that reflects the past generations with some notes of proprietary spices, rich sweet vanilla custard rounded with a tinge of warm caramelized brown sugar enriched with honey.

  1. Cubano Black E-Liquid

Cubano black is another variant of the classy Cuban cigars. With the Cubano Black e-liquid, you get a premium taste for your vaping experience. It is an aged craft specialty that combines bold notes of the flue-cured Cuban tobacco that’s rolled into cigars, enhanced with a sweet touch of creamy custard that gives you a compelling experience.

  1. Luscious VGOD Slatnic

Luscious is a rejuvenating and sweet blend of melons. It has a booming flavor of fresh melon and blended melon undertones that add a soothing burst of fruity freshness to your vaping experience. It tastes similar to candy, which will transport you back to your childhood, giving you a nostalgic ride. A combination of mixed melons follows the juice to enhance your vaping experience. It is one of the most demanding flavors among the vaping community, especially beginners. By integrating this fantastic flavor with one of VGOD hardware, you can maximize your vaping experience.

  1. Lush Ice E-Liquid

VGOD’s Lush Ice might be the perfect solution to keep you cool in hot blazing summers. Whether you are out in the water or lying indoors, Lush Ice is your best choice to keep your calm. It is a blend of watermelon, melon undertones, and a hint of gentle methanol to maintain the calm of your taste buds and add fruity flavors. The energizing and refreshing feels are ideal to begin your day with. 

  1. Iced Berry Bomb Slatnic

Are you one of those people who are crazy about sweets? If so, try VGOD Iced Berry. This taste is absolutely incredible, something that you have never tried before. It is an eruption of sweet, succulent strawberries in a zesty sour tang of sour strawberry coated with sugar and an energizing iced menthol culmination. The sour and tangy fruit, faint undertones of sugar in the exhalation, and the soft throat hit are the best of both worlds. This flavor does not leave a bitter taste in your mouth. Not only that, it is one of our best-selling flavors.  This Sal Nic is perfectly balanced for low wattage and refillable devices.

These were our top five VGOD liquids that every vaper must try at least once. If these flavors seem appealing to you, go ahead and give them a shot. We promise that you won’t regret your purchase. Make your way to E-Lite Cig’s for the best vape shopping experience.

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