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What Can You Do If Your Dental Filling Falls Out?

Dental Filling Falls Out

Everything in this world is bound to perish, thus the same is the case with your dental fillings. They are not designed to stay for eternity, and most of them fall off after a little while. There is no one specific reason behind it. It could happen because of several reasons. For instance:

  1. Infectious growth around the filling
  2. Chewing too hard
  3. Munching down crunchy food
  4. Grinding the teeth too hard
  5. Trauma to tooth
  6. Chemical reaction

Irrespective of why your dental filling has moved away or broken down, there is no reason for you to ensue panic. Since many people rush to the Emergency Dentist in Manchester fretting over losing their dental fillings, we thought it is crucial to break down all the necessary steps you should take if your filling gets lost.

If your filling falls, your immediate step should be to call the dentist, or else your carelessness can cost you your valuable tooth. In the meantime, you should also try further steps to protect the filling and the tooth.

What should you do if the filling gets loose?

If one’s dental filling comes off or is on the brink of coming out, you ought to get it replaced as early as you possibly can.

To make things more understandable. Here are a few steps that you should take :

  1. Call the orthodontist as soon as you can and schedule the appointment. Let your dentist know if your tooth is aching. Make sure also to inform your dentist regarding the intensity of the pain. Furthermore, it is also highly advisable to ask your dentist for suggestions regarding your condition.
  1. Make sure you do not lose your filling, or else your dentist would not reuse it. Considering the urgency to fix the filling, not having your filling could turn out to be problematic.
  1. If you have lost the filling or broke it because of an accident, the first thing you should do is clean the affected area and take out all the debris. To thoroughly clean the affected area, you should take some salt, add it to lukewarm water, and gargle it. This technique is also effective at guarding your tooth against bacterial invasion.
  1. Finally and most importantly, you should take care of your teeth by strictly following the dental hygiene routine. One should at least brush their teeth before and after going to bed and floss their oral cavity after every meal.
  1. Try not to chew anything from the exposed side of your teeth.
  1. Try to use dental wax or any material that could serve the purpose of temporary filling.

Although you can try all the tips, it is essential to remember that they are all temporary solutions and, no matter what, you should see the dentist.

What to do if the dentist is unable to see the dentist?

Although it is imperative to immediately see a professional dentist if your filling falls off or gets ruined, not every hour is suitable. If you cannot see your dentist right away, make sure to at least ask alignerco about the specific suggestions and recommendations.

What should you do if you are in pain?

In case you are unable to see the dentist right away, and your tooth is ruthlessly hurting, here is what you should do:

  1. Apply topical pain-relieving agents.
  2. Use an ice pack or any cold compress for at least half an hour to relieve your swelling or pain.
  3. Take some clove oil and apply it to the exposed tooth or gum area in your mouth.
  4. Take an appropriate dose of an NSAIDS tablet.

Can loose filling create complications?

Broken fillings do not create significant problems. However, if you constantly delay replacing them, they can be troublesome to the unprotected tooth.

For starters, food particles and bacteria begin to stick into the vacant spaces of the exposed tooth, causing it to decay further. Secondly, the absence of filling could expose dentin( the second layer of the tooth) and cause it to erode gradually.

The bottom line

If your dental filling falls off, you must see the dentist as soon as it is appropriately suitable for you. That is because waiting could further complicate your situation. That said, in the meantime, you should take adequate measures to preserve your exposed tooth.

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