Thursday, September 16, 2021

What is Online Reputation Management and Why You Need It

Online Reputation Management

If you own a business, you’d know how hard it is to keep your customers satisfied. You tirelessly work to meet customers’ needs and even connect with them, one-on-one. But even with the best services, you cannot make every customer perfectly happy and satisfied. For instance, a customer can post an angry review for the whole internet to see and your business reputation thus takes a hit. Here is where online reputation repair services come into play.

Online or internet reputation repair aims at actively managing your business reputation which can minimize negative customer feedback and keep a positive online presence for your business.

What is Online Reputation Management?

As mentioned, online reputation management (ORM) is aimed at actively monitoring mentions of your brand on websites or social media to address any negative or false comments. There can be negative customer comments online or stories in the media (both social and traditional) that paint your company or brand in a bad light. ORM actively monitors and responds to such occurrences. For example, you can release a public statement in response to the content to some negative story about your brand.

Online Reputation Management Strategies

The number of sites and social media where your brand might get mentioned is huge in number. So, ORM, at times, might seem a daunting task. To help you out there, we have come up with a few strategies to manage your brand’s online reputation.

Answer Promptly

The best ORM happens when you act proactively and respond immediately to customer reviews and comments. When a customer asks a question to you directly or on social media, do not wait long before replying. A recent survey showed, more than 80% of users expect their queries on social media to be answered within a day or less. Prompt responses prevent frustrated users from posting negative feedback and show that you value them.

Your response must also be empathetic so that, none of your customers get hurt. The customer must feel that you are equally invested in solving whatever the issue is that they are facing.

Address Negative Reviews Up Front

It can be tempting to just ignore negative reviews and comments from unhappy customers. But if you are serious about maintaining your online reputation, this is something you should never do. Over 80% of customers read online reviews and more than 90% also read the business’s responses. Addressing negative reviews upfront is a way of showing your customers that even if something does not go well with your products or services, you’ll be there to take care of it.


Own Up to Your Mistakes 

Mistakes happen and if you’re running your company for a long time, it is bound to face some sort of scrutiny for some mistakes on your part. In such cases, it is always best to apologize. Showing remorse ease up the tense customers and gain back their confidence in your brand. It also shows that your company is honest and transparent.

That was all about ORM and how it functions. If you are looking for a trusted online reputation management agency, you can always connect with us for the best services.

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